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Uniting regions: 99 Giving Days Charity Festival in Indonesia

This year 99 Giving Days are a little bit different than usual.

Previously, the world’s biggest internet charity festival was held from September 7th till 9th, but in 2021 it started on September 5th with Public Welfare Day for Common Prosperity.

Donations of kindness

As of 18:00, September 5th, Cihong Happy Learning Project with the mission to educate children and empower teachers in rural areas have raised a total of 6.66 million RMB and got more than 80,000 people’s donations.

Moments that moved us

It’s everything about small moments which touch us during the days of the festival.

This year, Dexin Steel Indonesia participated in 99 Giving Days for the first time. Bao Jianhua, the chairman of the company, commented his decision to participate in the festival: "The more you go abroad, the more you start to think about your own people and wish them to be even happier.”

Kindness from Indonesian Chinese

Lin serves as a translator at Dexin Steel Indonesia. He has Chinese origins, as his ancestors moved to Indonesia decades ago. Lin family’s income is not that high and, knowing that his youngest son had to undergo surgery, he immediately joined the program to gather several hundred yuan donations. With the hope to get support, Lin forwarded the information about it to WeChat moments and asked for friends’ support. His colleagues helped him to type characters, since Lin’s written Chinese is not that good.

Screenshot of Lin's WeChat moments with the repost of 99 Giving Days article

Abroad, but heart still at home

All the departments of Dexin Steel Indonesia have launched a donation together with the slogan “Abroad, but heart still at home”.

General Management Department, Finance Department, Ironsmelting Department... A total of 42 teams made donations.

Local Indonesian employees also participated in the donations using the links shared by their Chinese colleagues.

Employees of Dexin Steel Indonesia donated more than 70,000 RMB in total

The day when everyone spent most time on the WeChat moments

That day everyone’s WeChat moments were only about charity, donations and kindness!

The employees of the company were very enthusiastic about sharing and spreading love.

Employees of another company, Detian Coking Indonesia, followed an example of Dexin Steel and also participated in the 99 Giving Days, making donations, helping and sharing.

Record the moment of sharing love

To support the initiative, Delong Steel Culture Park organized a charity bazaar. The things collected reached nearly 300 items, including books, new electrical appliances, warm clothes, toys and many others.

All these donations will be sent to rural children.

Real “Iron Men”

People jokingly called steel company’s employees taking part in the bazaar “iron men”. Eleven “iron men” spent the whole day selling their goods to passersby. But what makes them different from the ordinary vendors is their QR-codes: the money paid directly go to charity donations.

Charity bazaar in Delong Steel Culture Park

Love conveyed through the toys

Lots of parents brought their children to the charity bazaar, buying them the toys and saying that the money they spent will be donated to children in remote villages, so their purchase is very meaningful. Hearing these words, children cherished their new toys even more than before. This is how the seeds of love should be planted in our hearts from the younger age.

Embracing not just a toy, but something more

Endlessly thankful for love

Thanks to the huge efforts made by staff of Dexin Steel Indonesia and Detian Coking Indonesia. Even though these people are currently abroad, they never stop thinking and actually caring about their homeland. Thanks to each “iron man” vendor who participated in the charity bazaar in Delong Steel Cultural Park. Thanks to the parents and children who joined the event and spread love to children from rural areas.

Today we see more and more people willing to learn about public welfare, participate in charity, and pass on its spirit and the virtue of helping others. After doing something good for people once, a person won’t stop anymore and will inspire others to pass it on to help more people in need. By doing good, we are becoming better humans.

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