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Top 10 keywords of China's Internet of 2021

The following are top 10 keywords of China's Internet of 2021 according to the summary from Internet scholar Liu Xingliang.

#01_Digital Economy

With the rapid development of the digital economy, all walks of life will continue to digitize, and the digital economy and the real economy will continue to integrate and develop. We are welcoming the digital age.

On October 18, Xi Jinping emphasized in the collective study of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee that it is necessary to accelerate the construction of a ubiquitous high-speed, integrated, intelligent and agile, green, low-carbon, safe and controllable intelligent comprehensive digital information infrastructure to open up the "main artery" of information for economic and social development.

In August, I had the honor to publish the book "Digital China: Digital Construction and Development" in the Central Party School Press.

Digitization is giving birth to a Digital Economy. The value of the digital economy is the process of digitizing the upstream and downstream of the industry. In the future, the value of the digital economy will further increase.


In 2021, the hottest word in the tech industry is undoubtedly Metaverse. The term Metaverse originated from the science fiction novel Avalanche writen by the famous American science fiction novelist Neo Stevenson in 1992. In his book, Stevenson described a cyber world parallel to the real world——Metaverse. It is the concept of beyond the universe: an artificial space running parallel to the real world is the next stage of the Internet, a virtual reality network world supported by AR, VR, 3D and other technologies.

The metaverse cannot be completely separated from the real world. Although metaverse is parallel to and communicates with the real world, it is independent of the real world, where people can conduct real social and work.

Such an avant-garde concept was quickly welcomed by the capital market. Facebook stated that it would transform into a metaverse company within 5 years; in August, Bytedance spent huge sums of money to acquire a VR startup company; Luo Yonghao said, "Our next entrepreneurial project is also a so-called metaverse company."

Looking forward to the day when the Metaverse will arrive.

#03_China Aerospace

2021 can be said to be a year in which China’s aerospace has completed many feats and achieved historic breakthroughs: the core module Tianhe was successfully launched, the construction of the Chinese space station developed, the Mars rover Zhurong completed Mars patrol exploration, and the record of the number of space launches was re-created.

In June of this year, Nie Haisheng, Liu Boming and Tang Hongbo became the first passengers of China’s space station; the Shenzhou 12 crew returned safely; one month later, the Shenzhou 13 astronauts Zhai Zhigang, Wang Yaping, and Ye Guangfu embarked on their flight to heaven. Starting half a year of life on the space station, the record of Chinese staying in space will be refreshed again.

The starry sky is vast, and the exploration is endless. China's aerospace industry is constantly surpassing, and it is turning dreams into reality through one by one solid footprints.


On April 10, 2021, Alibaba Group was ordered by the State Administration of Market Supervision to cease its illegal activities for violating the "Anti-Monopoly Law" and imposed a fine of 4% of its sales in China of 455.712 billion yuan in 2019, totaling 18.228 billion yuan.

Since 2015, Alibaba Group has abused its dominant position in the market and has imposed "choose one out of two" requirements on merchants on the platform, prohibiting merchants on the platform from opening stores or participating in promotional activities on other competitive platforms, and using market forces, platform rules and data, algorithms and other technical means, adopting a variety of rewards and punishments to ensure the implementation of the "choice of two" requirements, gaining an unfair competitive advantage, damaging the interests of consumers, and constituting a monopolistic conduct.

On October 8, Meituan was fined 3.442 billion yuan by the State Administration of Market Supervision for monopolistic conduct.

What can hurt competition is not the scale of the platform itself, but the behavior of the platform. Whether there is harmful competition is the basis for judging whether the Internet platform should be supervised, and it is not necessarily related to the size of the platform itself.

#05_Personal Information Protection

On November 1, the Personal Information Protection Law was officially implemented. This is the first law specifically aimed at the protection of personal information in China. In the past, the advent of the Internet can be said to have completely changed our lives, and the rise mobile Internet of ecology has made us all surrounded in a world woven by the Internet. Telecommunications fraud, network fraud and other problems have emerged one after another, threatening our property and even our personal safety. The launch of the Personal Information Protection Law brooks no delay.

The regulations clearly state that "personal information of natural persons is protected by law, and no organization or individual shall infringe upon the personal information rights of natural persons." Many foreign media reported bluntly that "this is the most stringent privacy protection law in the world."

Strict regulations will be a good guarantee for individual users, but for Internet companies and mobile Internet companies, as well as the entire information network company, it will have a big impact.


After WeChat opened up e-commerce external links in group chats, the "wall-removal campaign" among Internet giants entered a new stage: Alibaba is expected to enjoy the dividends of social traffic, and Douyin users may also freely share links with friends in WeChat ...The Internet has once again returned to the spirit of "interconnection".

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology(MIIT) had interviewed companies such as Ali, Tencent, ByteDance, Baidu, Netease, a few months ago for "blocking URL links", and gave suggestions for rectification of "solved in steps and phases." The high walls were demolished one by one.

The number of monthly active users of China Mobile Internet is infinitely close to the ceiling of the population of the right age. Among them, the number of monthly active users in the short video industry is close to 1 billion. If you want to bid farewell to the phased growth dilemma, interconnection can be said to be the "only way."

#07_Adapting to aging transformation

In 2021, the trend of adapting to aging transformation has come.

The MIIT included the encouragement of smart devices to provide the Elder Model as a special action; the "three group standards for smart terminals suitability for elderly persons" were issued, focusing on solving the various difficulties encountered by the elderly in the process of using mobile phones and tablets. Alipay, WeChat , Baidu, Himalaya, Gaode Maps, Didi and other platforms have launched the "old age model" one after another, which is a small step forward.

The growth of the Internet market for senior citizens is huge and the prospects are promising. However, senior citizens lack the ability to discern information on the Internet and are more likely to be deceived. This also allows some companies to take the advantage of design routines and take the opportunity to "harvest" traffic.

It is hoped that all practitioners will use the utmost goodwill to design products for the elderly and promote the positive cycle of commercial value in a more virtuous way.

#08_Car manufacturing

"Car manufacturing" is something that technology giants have been taking action in the past two years. Companies such as Huawei, Alibaba, Baidu, Xiaomi, and 360 have started their own car making businesses.

Tech giants have devoted themselves to the field of car manufacturing. They are not only optimistic about the potential of the new energy vehicle market, but are also competing for the next entry of super traffic in the 5G era. As we all know, the automobile is developing toward the "new four modernizations" (electricity, intelligence, connectivity, and sharing), and the automobile industry is facing a major transformation that will occur in a century.

I believe the good show of car revolution is yet to come.

#09_Home Economy

As the epidemic continues, the housing economy has really spread more and more, and the live broadcast, games, streaming media and other sectors have a lot of beauty.

During the National Day, nearly 30 variety shows will be updated together, covering romance, script killing, music competition, etc. In the game market, various types are also blooming, such as The Glory of the Kings winter professional league, which has just set a high-yield record recently. The interaction between the screen and the screen has become the norm, as seen in games like Forever Tribulation Koi Cup and Harry Potter: Magic Awakening.

With the enrichment of media and content on the supply side, the home staying on the demand side has gradually evolved into a way of life. The home economy is not a one-time dividend under the background of the epidemic, but has become an increasingly mature new economic model.

The home economy will never go away.

#10_Online game anti-addiction

This year, the National Press and Publication Administration requested that the time for providing online game services to minors be strictly restricted. All online game companies can only provide minors with 1 hour of service from 20:00 to 21:00 on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and statutory holidays. At other times, they are not allowed to provide minors with online game services in any form.

In other words, the online game for the minors lasts for three hours a week. Have you ever experienced that 9 minor players were forced to quit in the 5v5 qualifying match of "Honor of Kings"?

This of course hopes that the children will return to offline, go out to play games with friends, eyes will not be staring at the screen, parents are also relieved a lot, but there are also parents’ feedback that during the period that children are allowed to play online games for the three hours a week, they will definitely come back online, because this has become a limited three hours per week, and the time to play games is longer.

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