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How Tencent’s Tech Reformed Chinese Classrooms

Tencent's Education Channel was established in 2013. After then, Tencent launched Boutique Class, University and Online Classroom during 2014 to 2019. These Apps provided more convenience for millions of students who were plagued by COVID-19.

Tencent provides a comprehensive range of products nowadays, covering all stages of learning including preschool, basic, compulsory, vocational, and higher vocational education. It has never stopped moving forward on the path of promoting accessible education. Read on to find out the creative attempts Tencent has made in educational realm.

Coding: Opportunity for Young Programmers

Tencent Coding is a emerging platform for minors to learn programming. It covers a variety of programming languages to meet the needs of young students ranging from 6 to 18 years old. Coding polishes children's programming skills in an all-rounded way and builds up their future-oriented way of thinking, while also doing free-services for individual studying, school lessons, institution lessons, etc.

Programming, Codes, Python”

These terms might be strangers for many minors, but not those in the village of Cangyuan. In April 2021, Tencent Education contributed Coding program to their village school. It is also an important product of Tencent's Dream Chasing Program, more than 5000 children in the mountains begin to learn programming earlier than their city dwelling counterparts.

When the Programming class started, an 11-years-old boy caught the attention of all the classmates. The boy, named Lu Tianhao, lives with his grandmother and used to play truant. However, he was bound to the screen after he met an interesting game-designing program. Tianhao can finish each tasks quicker than anyone else in the classroom, and that gradually built up his confidence.

“Programming is like building blocks, combining programming blocks of different colors is a joy for me” Tianhao knew he had found his best friend.

After May 1st in 2019, the village of Cangyuan just shook off poverty. Coding presents a huge opportunity for rural youths, filling up the gap between them and the city youths.

Bearing Responsibilities for Our Child's Future

What can children do after school time every day? After the recent issued restriction on minor’s gaming time. they are in need for more ways to kill time.

On November 1st 2019, Tencent Growth Guardian, Tencent Games and Tencent Foundation launched the "Intelligent Double Hundred" plan for charity. The plan’s phase one will provide 100 "Future-Classrooms" for urban and rural students. They hope to provide new choices for children after school and help them grow up happily and healthily.

Future classrooms include 4 modules: hardware, courses, teacher training, and online platform. Especially in terms of courses, it including enlightenment content in VR, open source hardware programming, 3D printing, artificial intelligence. Tencent seeks to stimulate children's interest and attention in new technology. One and a half years later, "Future-Classroom" has covered 8 schools in 3 provinces, schools in underdeveloped regions are provided technology, interest courses and supporting equipment.

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