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Electronic Buddha Memorizer

Buddhism, a cultural system of beliefs based on the concept of compassion and non-attachment, started in Nepal in the 6th century BCE, then spread in China during the Han dynasty. Throughout history, time passed by, Buddhism became a mental strength in Chinese people’s lives, including rulers and folks. Even Though there are many different types of Buddhism, people have been trying to understand and respect the core concept of Buddhism. Buddhism is everywhere in people’s life: temple, private Buddha hall, Thangka, wooden fish, where people pray, meditate or venerate by following the traditions and an ordinary way. Specific time and locations set a quiet, solemn, divine atmosphere to help people to comprehend and concentrate on the concept. Buddhism gradually changes to a lifestyle, which helps people to remain peaceful mind. However, within the fast pace of life, for many people, it’s difficult to set up a Buddha hall or visit a temple during their daily life.

Electronic Buddha memorizer has become a popular scientific product in China. It’s a counter that users wear on their fingers, who can press the small button when repeating one time of a specific scripture.

Electronic Buddha memorizer

Some people believe in Buddhism that counting the numbers can enhance the power to achieve their goals. The goals can be different. For example, when a person passes by, chanting helps to release the soul from purgatory. At the same time, some people believe that chanting is a way to accumulate their luck, which helps them to enter Pure land after death. Counting the numbers makes people see their current effort for achieving their goals. On the other hand, people think that counting the numbers helps them to concentrate, which avoids the distraction of materials and hedonism.It’s a way for self-regulation. Tan-luan, a Chinese monk, born in 476 AD, valued the importance of counting the numbers of his chanting. The Remaining document shows he chanted 70 thousand times in a whole day, from early morning to late night. However, for many people, traditional ways to count the numbers are hard to use, because of the limited available time and locations. Electronic memorizer solves this problem for many people who want to count the chanting times, conveniently. Users can read the scripture shown on the screen of the memorizer, then press the button to count as one time. It also has a bluetooth connection, so that users can connect it to an APP on the phone for uploading new scripture.

Besides electronic Buddha memorizer, an electronic bead invented by the Taiwan company Acer is also a popular product. Different from Buddha memorizer, it’s a product designed for Catholics. The ten beads made by Obsidian have a cross as a detector in the middle, engraved with IHS. Making the sign of the cross triggers the chanting mode, where users can start to pray or read the scripture. It can memorize the time and remind the users of the time to start chanting. Besides religious functions, it also has the pedometer function, event reminder, and phone call reminder.

ERosary: electronic beads

Some people argue that using electronic products for chanting is disrespectful. Beads, wooden fish, Buddha hall, or temple, as traditional chanting tools and places, make people more focused than using electronics. Using beads is indeed better than electronics because some people believe the special materials build a deeper connection with the Buddha. At the same time, some other people trust that understanding the concept and building concentration is more important than persuading the objects, no matter the value, material, or tradition.

Scientific innovation is always about changing and breaking down traditions, or the combination between tradition and science. People’s needs vary every century, it’s necessary to understand their needs based on current circumstances. Religion holds people calm, brings peace, giving wishes, is not a form, but a belief and concept.

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