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Crushing Stereotypes: the Changing of “Made in China”

What do you think when you hear the phrase “made in China”? The feedback might be “low quality”, “cheap”, or “everywhere”. Products manufactured in China are traded around the world, which makes it inevitable to use made-in-China items. At the same time, however, the reputation of made-in-China products does not change positively because of its university.

Some reasons are explaining why people’s impression of made-in-China products is negative. First, customers blame the factories for receiving low-quality or unsafe products. However it’s not the factories’ fault, they only produce by following the instructions provided by the company. The foundries in China welcome the companies around the world, which not only brings more opportunities but also hidden trouble, for example, bad reputation. When customers see the tag on their low-quality items, they would assume all the products made in China are bad and gradually lose patience and trust in all the products produced in or by China, even though the foundries in China are only in charge of following the requirements from the companies. Second, because of the large population in China, the manufacturing industry progressed rapidly so that western companies can receive their products at a lower price. Customers would assume that low price equals bad quality, especially under the biased reports. The biased reports appeared under the circumstances of the tension between China and the United States. Moreover, theoretically, low-quality products can be everywhere or produced by any country, China should not be made the scapegoat. Not only that, but China helped many western companies to manufacture products, such as Apple and Tesla.

Within the growth of scientific technology in China, the focus shifts from manufacturing to innovation and creativity. Da Jiang(DJI), as the most successful company and brand producing drones, is extremely popular in America. The rank of “Best Drones for 2021” shows that DJI Mini 2 is on the top of the list, which gains 8,519 reviews on Amazon; DJI Mavic Air 2 is on the 5th, which says that it’s the best for photography. On another rank from the website TechRadar, the top 6 best drones are from DJI, DJI Phantom 4 Pro, and DJI FPV on the 8th and 10th of the list. According to the report from TechRadar, it highlights that DJI Air 2S is the best drone in 2021, because of its “sweet spot of portability” and “performance better than any drone out there”. The plenty of compliments to DJI surprises a lot of people who're not a drone fan or into technology. Maybe because of the mature production of science fiction movies, or propaganda of NASA, many people consider the US as the most technologically advanced country. However, DJI as a local made-in-China brand created its own ‘drone empire’. DJI gains 76% market share in America and keeps the top position until now.

Data from Drone Industry Insights

According to the market analyst Lukas Schroth from DJI, he mentioned that their market share in the drone market of America barely changed, even though the Trump administration accused China of gaining sensitive data from DJI and tried to ban DJI from the US government. Since the lack of evidence from the US government and the outstanding price-performance ratio, DJI still retains its top position on the best drones list.

Chanel from France, Prada from Italy, Balenciaga from Spain, Burberry from England, most of the luxury brands are from western countries. Does China have fashion? Can China lead the fashion trend? The difference between western art and eastern art is huge. From ancient Egypt to the renaissance, from western art to modern western art, from Raphael to Andy Warhol, art has been changing in different ways. Art in China does not change dramatically that it's all about Shan Shui or china. Western artists and fashion designers indeed took a dominant place in the art and fashion world. Guo Pei is the first successful Chinese fashion designer who’s known by the public for the yellow dress he designed for Rihanna in the 2015 Met Gala. Her works have a strong style of China: the patterns and colors. She makes the whole world know the beauty of the East and the culture of China. Rui Zhou, a young, talented, creative fashion designer from China. By viewing her clothes and works, it’s hard to define her nationality. She’s the first Chinese fashion designer to win the LVMH Prize and becomes famous because of her genderless clothing labeling. All her clothes are knitwear, which has high elasticity and fits anyone in different sizes. The magic part of her clothes is no size, people can wear them no matter if they are extra-small or extra-large, female or male. Her brand gets extremely popular in America, and many celebrities choose her clothes, like Kylie Jenner, dua Lipa, Madison beer. More and more new Chinese fashion designers are welcomed by the market, which their brands can be approximated to be a 55% luxury market by 2025.

Their attitude, from those talented Chinese fashion designers, is determined to not only crush the made in China stereotype but also subvert traditional fashion by their creativity and intelligence.

Rui Zhou’s works

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